There's a great guide on creating Custom Overlays for iOS MapKit at: 

However it glosses over the part whereby you have to install Gdal. If your fairly new to Mac OS X and more familiar with a Windows background then you may need some extra info on how to go about it: 

Download and install the Macports.dmg from

Once installed you will need to provide yourself root privilages if you dont have so already.

  • Start System Preferences and select "Accounts".
  • Under the list of users press the "Login Options", and then next to that press the "Join..." button next to Network Account Server. (You will not be joining a network account server, this is just the way to get to the Directory Utility).
  • Press the button to "Open Directory Utility..."
  • Once you launch the Directory Utility, however you do it, then enable the root account by doing the following:
  • Click on the Lock icon and give the Administrator password to authenticate.
  • Pull down the "Edit" menu to "Enable Root User"
  • Pull down the "Edit" menu to "Change Root Password..." and enter a good, strong password for the root user.
Once you have root enabled you will need to go load up terminal (Applications - Utilites - Terminal)

Then simply enter "sudo port install gdal" 
If all goes well Macports should begin downloading and installing the most upto date version of Gdal. 

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