School of Black Belts

The first iPhone App I have been working on is for the Oldbury School of Black Belts.

Its a fairly simple app on the surface but uses a number of Data and Networking API's in iOS due to the requirement to be able to update itself from a server side database. 

It will contain information about the school, class times, instructor information and news for the students to refer to. 


The Application uses a SQLite Database on the iPhone to store the timetable, instructor data and news. In order for the app to get timetable updates and the latest news some client server communication was required. 

ASIHTTPRequest wrapper was used to facilitate the communication with the web server. This really helps with the HTTP requests as the built in functionality provided in iOS doesn't really go far enough to handle some advanced tasks.

On the server side an ASP.NET website is used to manage the data and a Webservice was developed using Jayrock to provide JSON-RPC service for communication with the iPhone Application.&nbsp

The actual requests and responses were then made using JSON Framework for iOS to allow the iPhone application to make calls to the webservice, checking if an update was available and downloading the updated timetables or latest news features. 


Version 1.0 of the app is now finished and awaiting approval for the App Store.