Using Dropbox for Backups on Mac OS X

Published 4/16/2011 by Admin in Backups | Blog | OS X
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I had been lookng for a nice easy backup solution for my University coursework which required minimal effort on my part and was cheap/free. 

I signed up to Dropbox a while ago but never really started using it properly as I had to remember to drag files over to the folder for syncing. Then I came across this great guide on how to setup Automatic Backups on your Mac with Dropbox.


If you're not yet signed up to Dropbox you can get an extra 250MB free with with link (I also get an extra 250MB so thanks in advance!)


Well I've been training for this since October. And although I haven't stuck to the training plan 100% things do seem to be going well. I've been using a brilliant iPhone App (Adidas miCoach) which has really helped with the motivation, providing vocal updates throughout a training session with time, distance and pace stats. There are a number of things which could be improved with this app, such as being able to edit a workout (if its stopped recording as I have had happen). However overall its a pretty solid app and well worth a download.

Now its only 3 weeks until the marathon so here's the push for some sponsorship. I'm running for Macmilan Cancer Support. Here's the progress so far: