Whilst I don't do a huge amount of web development I still try to keep up to date with the latest tech and one which keeps cropping up is jQuery, especially its use for improving the user interface on both full websites and mobile web.

The jQuery UI 1.8 book by Dan Wellman gives an excellent introduction to anyone needing to quickly get to grips with jQuery UI. Like many software development books it is well structured with clear code examples and highlighted warnings, notes, tips and tricks. 

The first chapter begins with an introduction into jQuery and jQuery UI with a brief look at the background of the libraries before going into a step by step guide on how to download and install. The first chapter gives you everything you need to get started with developing using jQuery UI. It is well presented with clear illustrations and explanations of how the library is structured. 

The book then goes on to give a detailed guide on how to use the framework including CSS, Widgets, and just about everything you would need to know about jQuery UI. It is all explained with step by step guides and clear code examples.   After each example there is normally an image showing what the resulting output should look like. Perfect to help you make sure you are on the right track. 

Each chapters from 3 onwards covers in detail a different component or widget from the framework. So this gives you the option of either following the book all the way through, or using it as a reference to lookup how to achieve something  with one of these particular features of the framework. 

Overall this is an excellent book which is beneficial for both beginners of jQuery or those looking for a deeper understanding of what it can offer. 

The book is available from Packt Publishing and on Amazon

Santa game on the App Store

Published 12/8/2011 by Admin

We decided a few weeks ago it would be a good oportunity to release a game aimed at kids for Christmas. So after a few late nights and some help from a graphic designer friend we created "Help my Santa".

This game follows the story of helping Santa pack the right presents into the boxes in the toy factory. There are however some bad elves who are trying to hamper the operation. The next level you have to throw snowballs at the bad elves to stop them from running off with the presents. Once the game is finished you get to enter your name and your Christmas Wish which is posted on the leader board. 

This is available now from the iTunes App Store for iPad, iPhone and iTouch. Get it here! 

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