OK, So here's an update of my first experiences of submitting an app to the Apple App Store. 

After a week of being in the status "Waiting Review", it then went to "In Review" for approximately 7 hours before being Rejected. 

The reason being: "2.13: Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements will be rejected". OK, so I know there isn't a huge amount of functionality but the app does act as a valuable tool for all of the students attending the school to provide them with up to date information regarding the training schedule and news about the school. 

It does make me wonder whether part of the issue is down to the fact the app was free. I can understand why Apple would be keen to keep the App Store clutter free, and perhaps they don't want to pick up the bill for hosting lots of app's which wont be making them all money. However it does cause issues for businesses looking to provide some added value to their customers who are getting app's rejected for these reasons. 

So back to the drawing board for this app. Hopefully I will be able to find a way to make the app more appealing to Apple. 

On Monday 18th July I submitted my first app to the App Store.

The submission process was relatively pain free using the new Xcode 4 as this allows you to upload the app directly from Xcode. There are plenty of guides out there for this process which consists of adding the details for your new app on iTunes Connect within the iOS Developer Portal, taking an Archive of the working version of your app, then selecting Submit from the Organiser view in Xcode. One thing to watch out is that the App Bundle you have in your Applications info matches the one you provided when entering the app details in iTunes Connect. 

Once uploaded the app goes to the status "Waiting for Review". I have checked around and it can be like this for anything from 1 to 2 weeks before moving "In Review". 

I will update this as and when the status changes. The app I have uploaded is fairly simple and hopefully shouldn't cause Apple to reject it, but we will have to wait and see! 


iPhone App BETA Testing

Published 7/12/2011 by Admin in iPhone Apps | iPhone SDK

 I have just created an account with TestFlight which allows anyone with an iOS 4.0 or higher device become a beta tester for my apps. 

To participate please follow this link: http://bit.ly/nZY1kk then follow the instructions and await the builds to become available.

The first app in testing is the app designed for School of Black Belts in Oldbury. Give it a try and see how you get on.